Pre-Design Questionnaire

Welcome to Website Serious.

We are so excited to have you on board, and one step closer to turning your online visions into reality. The questionnaire below is intended as guide to help your designer get as close as possible to your exact vision. But never fear! You will have unlimited opportunities to request edits to your website proofs until it is exactly right. You can also contact your designer direct or offer additional comments via email or over the phone.

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About Your Business A large part of making appropriate design decisions comes from understanding what makes your business unique, and putting the focus on it. Describe why customers should and do choose your business over one of your competitors. Required field!
Main focus / function / call to action of your website Describe the main reason someone would visit your website, and return to it. Required field!
Your main demographic Be as specific as possible. For example, there are many "young people" with varying interests, similarly to "men", "women" etc. Knowing who your customers are helps u to make intelligent design decisions. Required field!
Describe how comfortable with technology / navigating a website you think your clients may be? Your client's comfort level with navigating a website can (and should) alter the design and user interface. For example, a website aimed at people over 50 may be simpler to navigate, with a younger audience looking for more 'dynamic' features. Required field!
Your Current Website Required field!
Your existing website address Required field!
What do you like / what "works" on your existing website? Be as brief or detailed as you like. Could be existing feature(s) you like (e.g. an image gallery or blog) or something more broad. Required field!
What do you dislike / what doesn't "work" on your existing website? Required field!
Your Vision Required field!
Existing websites you admire Include the website address and describe what you like. (e.g. colours, design, functionality etc) Required field!
Your preferred MAIN (primary) colour. Include the Pantone / CMYK / HEX references if available or upload an existing logo / brand below. Required field!
Your preferred SECONDARY (highlights) colour(s). Include the Pantone / CMYK / HEX references if available or upload and refer to your logo / branding. Required field!
Your existing or preferred font or fonts. Please note : if your chosen fonts are not "web-safe" we will work hard to find the most compatible or complimentary fonts for your website. Required field!
Describe the "feel" of your new website E.g. luxurious, fun, quirky, modern, chic Required field!
Upload a logo / brochure / business card or something that visually demonstrates your branding Required field!
Any other comments Required field!
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